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    Aqua Diving Services
    Contaminated Water Work

    Aqua Diving Services has the capability and experience to dive in all types of liquid environments and gas spaces. Often we are called on to dive in sewerage plants and mine tailing dams. For this work we have our own internal procedure which complies with the US Navy Contaminated Water Diving Code of Practice.

    Some of the specialist tasks we have performed in contaminated water are:

    • Removal and replacement of penstocks
    • Cleaning of suction strain of open cooling pumps
    • Condition surveys of inaccessible pipelines
    • Valve and pump removal and replacement
    • Construction of dualization of canals
    • Underwater drilling and jack hammering
    • Air lifting / Debris cleaning
    • Placing of grout bags
    • Broco welding and cutting
    • Salvage operations








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