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    Aqua Diving Services
    Health & Safety

    From 2004 to until now all Diving Operation Onshore & Offshore perform with safe no De-Compression Dive according to Modified Air Table 11 as referred by BRd 2806 Diving Manual (Volume-2) 2009 UK (page # 6-17 and 6-18). 

    ALHAMDULILLAH there is no Diving accident cause from last 10 years, because of Aqua Diving Services company safety policy with international standard.

    It is the intention of AQUA DIVING SERVICES management that NO operation is so important that it cannot be planned, conducted and completed in a healthy safe and environmentally acceptable manner and carried out safely and with due care and attention to prevent damage to property and the environment. At Aqua Diving Services, our work is never so urgent or important that we cannot take time to do it safely. We know that having a strong and healthy workforce means our personnel are motivated and productive. In order to achieve these objectives management shall provide sufficient resources, training, personnel, plant and procedures to meet the required company standards, and local legislation as a minimum. Health Safety Environmental matters will be given an equal level of importance as any other part of the Company business. Providing a safe and comfortable working environment is a top priority for the management of Aqua Diving Services. . Some of the important tasks performed in order to maintain this are:

    1. Imparting Proper training for onshore and offshore personnel’s.
    2. Providing Personal Protection Equipment of international standards.
    3. Regular meetings of the Safety Training committee
    4. To actively participate in Accident/Incident investigation.

    We Always use 5 divers team for Diving operation, 2 Diver, 1 Standby Diver, 1 Attender & 1 Diving Supervisor. Managers and supervisors shall ensure that all company accepted procedures and operations, including underwater and sub-contractors work are monitored, enforced and conducted in such a manner that they do not contravene the health or safety of employees, third parties, the general public or unreasonably effect the general environment.

    All our diving team mostly of them is EX-Navy (Rtd) and they are Clearance Diver. For their certifications like First Aid & CPR they qualified from when they are on training. Once they came join us they learn with us for commercial diving for shipping industry to civil engineering & power plants with specialize experience able deep sea diving equipment like Surface Supplied KMB 18 with Communication System and 3-way rescue air supply system trained by AQUA DIVING SERVICES. Additionally each employee is outfitted and instructed in the proper use of all necessary safety equipment and supplies.

    All our personnel have an individual duty to conduct operations in a safe and environmentally acceptable manner and report any accident or incident to management including any realistic and practical improvements that could enhance the Company’s health, safety and environmental standards.


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